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Guide To Buy Brass Fitting Parts

Posted by Admin on September, 25, 2019

In the plumbing parts, material market one can find different types of fitting parts required for plumbing. Different fitting parts are made of different materials and can be of different shapes and sizes as per the requirement of the buyer. One of the best plumbing fitting parts is the Brass Fitting Parts. Brass is an alloy of made of copper, and pure zinc has many benefits.

Brass Fitting Part Exporters in India export and trade them to supply the plumbing and repair parts market all over the world. These fitting parts are very useful and are widely used in a wide range all over the world. The suitability and availability of these fitting and repairing parts have made them an important object for household purposes.

Types of Brass Fitting and Repairing Parts
Depending on the shape, size, and purpose of use, these fitting parts are of different types. Each of them has its benefits. Here are some of the benefits of these excellent objects.

Brass Adapters: These are special adapters that are used to change the type of connection at the pipe's end and thus extend the runs easily. It allows the dissimilar pipes to get connected properly without the rise of the need for any more setup.

Brass Bushings: They are used for joining pipes of various sizes and shapes by reducing the larger fitting that is present down, the smaller pipe. They cover very small space enabling a large amount of water to flow through the pipes.

Brass Plugs: They are special plugs made of brass that fit easily inside the pipe and are also threaded thus allowing the use of pipe in the future.

Brass Caps: These caps are used for covering or capping the pipe. They are threaded and glued or soldered on the pipe.

Brass Couplings: These couplings are generally used for extending the pipe’s run system and also to change the pipe sizes. Sometimes it is called bell reducer due to its bell-like shape. They are available with threads as well as in an unthreaded manner either with plastic gluing or with copper soldering. These fitting parts are one of the most used fitting parts.

Brass Elbows: They are generally used to change the direction of the flow of water through the pipes. They are normally found to be at 90 degrees or 45-degree angles as per the requirement of the job. They are normally threaded at the elbows and are also very important fitting parts for usage in plumbing.

Brass Flanges: These are generally used to connect the pipes for the continuous flow of water through them and extensively used for industrial purposes, they also serve as an important fitting part with high pressures. They can be used for connecting residential pumps.

Brass Tees: These tees are used to branch the pipes to enable the flow of water to different parts of the house at the same time. They come with a long coupling and a side outlet for the flow of water in different directions.

Brass can hold hot water as well as cold water and do not easily get rusted and worn down. Therefore, the Brass Fitting Parts Exporters in India export the premium brass parts used for fitting.

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